Our Mission

Delivering technologies to support patient centered healthcare that is personalized, preventive, participatory and predictive

Our Vision

Harness the power of mobile technology and the science of the human genome to deliver quality healthcare that is person-centered, accessible, and affordable.

How do we do it ?

Our patented health technologies use real time actionable data from individualized health risk assessments, to develop a predictive, preventive personalized and participatory treatment plan. Our focus is on patient centeredness through active consumer engagement

Our people are a dedicated multidisciplinary team of physicians, scientists, engineers and telehealth coaches; we begin with each patient’s unique healthcare challenge to support achievable goals for the healthcare intervention.

Our disease specific health risk assessments and decision support tools integrate genetic and environmental health risks with social determinants of health, to create a personalized and participatory health intervention.

Our partners and collaborators are a network of healthcare providers, research scientists, telehealth coaches, health information technology experts and consumer health advocacy groups; together we are transforming healthcare delivery and the treatment of chronic health conditions.

Leadership & Management Team

L. Sullivan, MD,
Advisory Board

C. Obialo, MD
CSO, Advisory Board

D. Satcher, MD, PhD
Advisory Board

James R. Gavin III,
M.D., Ph.D
Advisory Board

Ed Schutter, BS, MBA
Advisory Board

L. Lange, MD, PhD
Advisory Board