eHealthyStrides addresses an unmet need in chronic disease management: the absence of self monitoring and a fragmented health care delivery that places undue emphasis on the brief clinical encounter and little or no attention to empowering patients to take an active role in managing the disease process with support for real time care coordination. The ability to engage patients with chronic health conditions in community settings where they live, work, play and worship is a powerful innovation and efficiency of this technology. eHealthyStrides is a mobile application suite and portal for personalized health risk assessment, self monitoring and decision support. Using customized chronic disease specific curriculum, certified telehealth coaches enable patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions to reach and maintain self management behavior goals. Over 300 high risk patients with diabetes were tested in community settings as well as primary care practices and showed clinical benefit within 12 weeks of using the technology; the benefit was sustained over 12 months, with the church community setting showing superior outcomes. A key feature of the technology is an emphasis on the consumer experience with goal directed and personalized health literacy that starts with self monitoring, and leads to a color coded easy to follow feedback. The patient activated portal enables 24/7 decision support with linkage to the primary care provider for care coordination. A large Atlanta based employer human resources benefits program is providing incentives for members with diabetes to use eHealthyStrides to achieve health and wellness goals. Healthcare providers with eligible electronic medical records can meet the Meaningful Use goals of the Affordable Care Act by participating in eHealthyStrides quality reporting which includes data integration and risk adjustment. A Georgia based Accountable Care Organization is using eHealthyStrides to accomplish health literacy, quality reporting and care coordination goals for its shared savings plans.

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