MeRaCL is a mobile technology innovation that uses interactive communication to promote access to clinical research. The technology enables seamless interaction with the research team, with interactive consent forms and clinical trial specific health literacy by telehealth coaches for mentorship and training of participants. MeRaCL enables research participation in community settings where consumers live, work, play and worship.
Critical barriers to clinical trials and clinical research participation have been well documented. In a community survey, several barriers to clinical trials participation were identified: over 70% cited a lack of information or lack of awareness of clinical trials as major barriers to participation; over 90% stated that more education about both the disease condition and frank discussions about the clinical trial will enable them to participate. Participation in clinical research is a proven path to quality improvement.


Product Line

Pharmaceutical & Device Manufacturers, Health Systems, Clinical Research Organizations (CRO’s), & Academic Health Centers (AHC’s

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